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Established in 1984, Nirvana Distribution is a Cairo based Electronic distribution firm. The company was founded on the principals of craftsmanship, dedicated to customer service and continued training and education in the Audio/Video industry. 

We are proud of our history , our accomplishments, team of employees, ?and our reputation in our field of business. 

Nirvana Distribution introduced the Hi End Audio concept to the Egyptian market in 1986 driven by our deep passion for fine audio, and after 25 years we are still maintaing our leadership and we are still the most knowledgeable company in this field 

Nirvana distribution is very concerned about maintaing extreme balance between its distribution business and retail business, both are never contradicting. we are always supporting our dealers and expanding our network of chain stores, retailers and system integrators 

Nirvana Distribution , imports , distributes designs and installs state-of-the-art, stereo audio, home theater, multi-room audio/video, lighting control, and automation systems , for fine homes and offices, Working closely with dealers, system integrators, architects, interior designers and homeowners, we provide easy-to-use, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing systems for entertainment, comfort, convenience, and security.

Why Nirvana

Nirvana Distribution has been in business since 1984 and was founded by audio enthusiasts. From the beginning our focus was high performance and it remains the key difference in every aspect of our business. It sounds simple but because we are committed to maintaining that goal, every decision we make, every product line we carry, every staff member we hire contributes to the overall goal of offering high quality. 

The products we carry are from the finest manufacturers in the world, companies that, like ours, are devoted to quality above all else. These manufacturers have selected Nirvana because of our reputation for excellence in each of the products and services we provide.   Dealers   We offer Competitive prices and attractive discount, rest assured that we will never undercut you or directly contact your customers We don't allow our dealers to compete or bid on one same project We are Stocking distributor - carrying the most popular automation products and audio video products On-site training facility upon request Advanced pre-programming lab - we pre-test and pre-program parts before they ship, allowing dealers the capability to deliver superior solutions with ease 

Dealer Support - qualified, experienced technicians are here for you   Interior designers clients   We offer your clients competitive prices, best products and services, in fact the majority of our products are represented exclusively by us and can't be found anywhere else You are worried that the AV gear may spoil your designs, not with Nirvana, we have products that compliments, and suits every design in fact and decor in fact our carefully selected products emphasis your designs and add to it and if still not satisfied The "tech" can be blended or completely hidden so as to not take away from the aesthetic elements created in a room Nirvana is specialized. In Hidden installations this kind of installations adds even more to the digital lifespaces experience, not to mention the "Wow" factor. Elements of hidden installations include caan be found in the services section The interior and exterior lighting can be one of the most dramatic elements of your design and decor . Exterior lighting for landscape, patio, pool area, or other areas outside your clients home can bring dramatic element and provide safety to their homes. When one spends a lot of effort, and usually money in designing landscaping and other outdoor features of a home, it only makes sense to accentuate that Our light control services can easily enable your client to instantly create an infinite palette of moods  

Our Services


Hi end audio is the devotion to the ideal of perfect reproduction of recorded music

With the right components Hi end audio can relieve your stress,  enhance your everyday experiences, and increase your productivity

We aim to bring the live music event into your home , If we bring a tear to your eye or stir your heart with emotion only then do we feel we have achieved our mission. .....again


Our professionally crafted environments delight and dazzle the senses like no other room in a home can. We create electronic customized designs which work within your individual requirements without compromising space and budgetary demands. 
Our home theaters bring big screen movie experiences to your home. From the roaring bass of jets to the subtle nuances of the sounds of nature, our engineered designs and implementations invigorate your senses. It is our challenge to create an electronic system and a well designed room that can deliver the film as the producer intended. 
To create this experience, we take into consideration the room, the functionality of the space, acoustical issues, and then design the space to deliver our award winning theater experience in your home or business. We work in conjunction with Architects, Interior Designers, Electricians, Builders, and other trades to create a complete solution. Being involved from the design process through the final programming of a home theater provides an experience that will make your neighbors envious. Our decades of design and engineering experience, the quality of our integration, custom programming, and our skilled technicians build reliable, high performance theaters. 
The theater experience is not limited to a dedicated theater. not long ago, home theaters were poor substitutes for the Real Thing. Now, even a modest home theater can faithfully re-create the visual splendor and sonic impact you experience in a commercial theater. 
A Nirvana home theater can blend seamlessly into an existing living space. Or it can be a dedicated environment, complete with theater seating, special lighting, acoustical treatments, and the genuine look and feel of a movie theater. And it can be anything in between. 
Flat-screen plasma and LCD TVs, as well as compact DLP video projectors, make it easier than ever to enjoy a theater experience without compromising your decor. Discreet in-wall and on-wall speaker systems blend into the design and architecture of a room. and simplified remote controls – set up specifically for you – provide one-touch activation of your entire theater system, from the initial dimming of the lights to the roll-up of the screen at show’s end.



Is it  dinner time? Touch the button labeled “Dinner” on your keypad or smart phone, the lights dim to preset levels, the curtains lower and your favorite music play list starts playing

Its bed time : Touch the button labeled “Sleep”  light gradually fades off while shades close and  video display turns off,  The climate control automatically adjust to 25 degrees and  security arms 10 minutes latter

The “Good Morning”  scene automatically wakes you up at  7:30 with the Strauss March,  security disarms,  shades goes up, blinds goes down to 50%, , video display turns on to your favorite news channel while your coffee is brewing

Home automation can include but not limited to the scheduling and automatic operation of water sprinkling, heating and air conditioning, window coverings, security systems, lighting, Audio/Video and food  preparation appliances. Home automation may also allow vital home functions to be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a computer or smart phones and pads connected to the Internet

We design and install home automation  systems ranging from basic to the best available. We are licensed, bonded, and qualified to assist you in all of your home automation and custom installation needs. Our professional Designers Team are designed to make your dreams a reality.

“you will be amazed of what you can do with your  house after working with Nirvana, you will be able to control anything

from anywhere, and you  don’t have to ask your  kids how to use it


Light Control is different from light design, light control is the tool for light and interior designers to acheive their designs,  Nirvana is not only involved in light control but can also assist you in hiring the right  lighting designer  for your project needs whether being national or international residential or professional ?The interior and exterior lighting can be one of the most dramatic elements of your  design and decor .

  Interior lighting has the unique ability to reveal the world around you, shaping your vision and determining both the beauty and function of our surroundings. Illumination can sculpt spaces and create an infinite palette of different moods, but it can also render a space flat, harsh and uninviting if not applied with thought, care and knowledge.  

Exterior lighting for  landscape, patio, pool area, or other areas outside your  home can bring dramatic element and provide safety.   Lighting Control offers the ability to acheive all of the above and change several lighting moods with the touch of just one button. Also providing excellent energy saving benefits, it is one of the most important components for building Home Automation. With lighting controllers, one can control lights through many different gateways such as touch screens, smart phones and pads , remote controls, sensors etc. The possibilities are just endless!  Great Reasons to use light control   SECURITY   Lighting control can make a home safer by automatically turning on landscape and security lighting each night. An astronomical time clock automatically adjusts for changing seasons, as well as for daylight savings time. Lighting control also increases peace of mind by providing homeowners with the ability to turn all lights on instantly using a single button on a Keypad. When combined with a home control system the lighting control can automatically memorize a home's actual lighting usage patterns, which can be replayed when the homeowner is away. This unique feature allows for a realistic appearance of activity that standard timers cannot achieve.

Lighting can also be connected to the home's security system. In the event of an alarm, interior lights can turn on, illuminating a safe exit, while exterior lights can flash, drawing immediate attention.   CONVENIENCE    Each light in a home can be controlled from any keypad or remote control, providing instant access to all areas of the home and landscape. This eliminates the tedious task of setting the home lighting just right for daily activities, bedtime, or special occasions. When most lights are off, one button on a Keypad can create a "path of light" to softly light the way to another room, allowing for late-night trips to the bathroom or kitchen without fumbling for switches in a dark hallway. And monitoring lighting in individual rooms or areas throughout a home requires no more than a quick glance at a Keypad's discrete status LEDs.    IMPROVED AESTHETICS    Lighting control gives homeowners the power to enhance the beauty of their home and decor with an endless variety of customized room and whole-house lighting scenes. One button dims the lights for a soft romantic dinner while another button lights the house for a festive party. Keypads provide a clean, elegant look on the wall by combining the functions of many standard switches and dimmers into a single control. Contrast the elegant simplicity of a single Keypad to the large bank of switches often found at the front door


distributed audio, video or sometimes named multi-room audio/video system lets you enjoy your favorite music and movies anywhere in your home, with push-button ease. The idea really is quite simple: Take a central “stack” of music and video sources – such as digital music servers, DVD players, IPods and satellite receivers – and distribute them to speakers and TV screens throughout the home. Listen or watch in one room while others listen or watch something different in another room. Or play the same music or video throughout the house during a party.
Whether you are relaxing in your study, working on a project in your workshop, enjoying a sunset on the patio, or entertaining guests in your formal dining room, a whole-house distributed audio system from Nirvana can create the atmosphere and mood your desire for any occasion.
Nirvana uses only top quality architectural in-wall or ceiling speakers to fill your home with music--not obtrusive stereo equipment. In fact, these speakers can be painted or be completely invisible to match any decor,.
Whether you require a sophisticated home-audio distribution system with several audio sources controlled via keypads and touch panels or simply want to add a couple of speakers in key rooms throughout the house, Nirvana can design a home audio system that fits your needs. 
A multi-room audio/video system can take advantage of the components used in a home theater. And through integration, your multi-room system can be part of a convenient, centralized system that lets you manage lighting, heating and AC, and other functions of your home from personalized touch-screen , smart phones and pads and keypads located conveniently around your home. 
Nirvana is representing the most advanced manufacturers in this field , we have a product to fulfill every home need and suit every budget Russound, nuvo opus crestron B&K, sonace, Iport, Triad, Amina, B&O


Hi end Multimedia? Yes and it is only possible with Nirvana Sitting in front of your computer is no longer a punishment, discover how good your IPOD can sound like, and how enjoyable the internet radio can be Our media players offers features, picture and sound quality that was never possible before at their price range, watch BluRays, listen to music, browse the net or buy apps from apps store all in one small package and at amazingly affordable price Our multimedia products are sold exclusively through selected electronics stores



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